$4.00 (add truffle salt .75)

Soy bean pods with crushed sea salt

Creamy Rock Shrimp

12.00 (house favorite)

rock shrimp tempura tossed in a creamy spice sauce

Spring Rolls


pork & vegetable spring roll served with sweet chili dipping sauce



Pork pot stickers served with a side of ponzu

Shrimp Shumai


Steamed wonton purses with shrimp filling

Chopped Toro


fatty tuna, tempura flake, spicy mayo, masago & sesame seed

Shrimp Tempura


shrimp fried in tempura batter & served w/ sweet chilli sauce

Vegetable Tempura


hand-cut vegetables tempura style with sweet chili

Lotus Root Chips


Thinly sliced lotus root fried & served with spicy mayo

Beet Fries

$6.00 (house favorite)

Served with Japanese mayo, scallions and togarishi powder. A house favorite!

Spicy Tuna Over Crispy Rice

$12.00 (house favorite)

Spicy tuna over fried sushi rice topped with spicy mayo

Yellowtail Jalapeno

$12.00 (house favorite)

Yellowtail sashimi, thinly sliced jalapeno & cilantro over
a yuzu soy sauce

Sake-Tumi Wings

$8.00 (house favorite)

marinated & served with a super savory sauce, roasted
garlic & cilantro

Beef Negimaki


Sake & soy marinated beef (medium rare) scallions,
teriyaki, toasted sesame seeds, over a bed of rice

We take pride in the presentation and freshness of all of
our dishes. As such, please allow ample time, especially
for large parties or orders.

We reserve the right to add gratuity of 18% to parties 6
or more. We are unable to split checks more than 4
times per party.